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Etiquetas: IT - O.S.T. - VINILO

A1 Every 27 Years

A2 Paper Boat

A3 Georgie, Meet Pennywise

A4 Derry

A5 River Chase

A6 Egg Boy

A7 Beverly

A8 Come Join The Clown, Eds

B1 You'll Float Too

B2 Slideshow

B3 Georgie's Theme

B4 29 Neibolt Street

B5 Time To Float

B6 You'll Die If You Try

C1 Return to Neibolt

C2 Into The Well

C3 Pennywise's Tower

C4 Deadlights

C5 Searching For Stanley

C6 Saving Beverly

C7 Georgie Found

D1 Transformation

D2 Feed On Your Fear

D3 Welcome To The Losers Club

D4 Yellow Raincoat

D5 Blood Oath

D6 Kiss

D7 Every 27 Years (reprise)

D8 Epilogue - The Pennywise Dance

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